Exhibitors - Conditions

Conditions of Participation


1     Application for an Exhibitor site

  • Site bookings open on 1st August 2018.  Application for a site can be submitted by completing the online application form at www.leisureislefestival.co.za, or by completing the paper form obtainable from Sothebys branches in Knysna Town or Leisure Isle.
  • A site fee of R150 must accompany the application or be paid EFT to LI Festival Account 62603807720, FNB branch 210214. Additional charges of R150 are payable for trailer stands and an extra R100 is required if electricity is requested.  The site fee covers both days of the festival.  Provided applications are received by 16 September, every endeavor will be made to allocate to last years’ exhibitors the same site position previously occupied.  Applications for who no site fee has been received will not be considered.
  • Turnover fee: Applicants agree to contribute 10% of their gross turnover to the organizers for the benefit of the selected beneficiaries.
  • Applicants that are not accepted will have their amounts paid refunded in full.

2.   Application evaluation and site allocation and selection process

  • A sub-committee will decide on acceptances.  Potential exhibitors, whose products are not known, will be asked to show their products to the sub-committee as part of the selection process.
  • The Criteria to be used in the selection will be creating a good diversity of choices for customers, high quality local products and services and past success and loyalty of participation.  Emerging crafters will be given the opportunity to showcase their products. 
  • Sites will be allocated depending on the category of product or service and on a first come first allocated basis.  We will not be able to engage in negotiations regarding individual site changes.  Hence the decisions of the committee is final and understand that, in the case of inclement weather, the Festival continues as planned.  There will be no alternative dates for staging the event and entry and other amounts paid are non refundable.

3.   Liability

  • The organizers will not be responsible for any loss, damage or any liability of any nature arising for the running of the Festival.
  • Exhibitors selling food products, whether prepared on site or not, are required to be in possession of, and display on their site a Certificate of Acceptability: Food Premises issued by the Eden Municipality Health Department.  Those cooking on site are required to be in possession of an up-to-date fire extinguisher.
  • All exhibitors are responsible for ensuring that site layout does not cause any health and safety risk to any festival participant.  Only dogs on short leads will be allowed in the Festival grounds.
  • Only a 9kg gas cylinder, plus one spare 9kg cylinder will be permitted in each stall.

4.   General

  • The Festival grounds will be open for viewing from noon on Friday 2nd November and Exhibitors can preferably register then or on the Saturday morning.  On arrival Exhibitors should first report to Registration on Links Drive where they will be welcomed and handed a “License to Trade” envelope and car disc.  Both will record mobile number and site number and at the end of the Festival the envelope must be returned to one of the yellow shirted CREW to record the amount of takings (turnover) and to remit the 10% charity payment.  The car disc will allow Exhibitors access to the Festival grounds for speedy off-loading/loading purposes only.
  • Participants undertake to:
  • To accept the stall site (approximately 3,5m x 3,5m in size) allocated by the organizers.
  •  To respect the privacy of the property owners adjacent to the Festival.  No parking in front of the Gallery or Coffee Shop or Disabled area please.
  • To supply their own staging material and any other equipment that they require.
  • To abide by all decisions taken by the organizers.
  • To set up their stall at least 30 minutes before the official operating times.
  • To operate and be open for business on both days of the Festival during the advertised trading hours of 9h00 to 17h00 on Saturday and 10h00 to at least 14h00 on the Sunday and understand that, in the case of inclement weather, the Festival continues as planned and that there will be no alternative dates for staging the event.
  • Any stall not set up and trading by 10h00am on Saturday 3rd November will be forfeited and allocated to stand by exhibitors
  • Trailers – A limited number of trailers/vehicles will be permitted on specified stall sites, but only subject to provision of full details in the Application Form, and then subject to prior written confirmation by the Organizers.  The exhibitors will be issued with special access car disks.
  • Electricity – Limited electrical supply will be available to specified stall sites by only subject to provision of full details in the Application Form, and then subject to prior written confirmation by the Organizers.  Exhibitors are required to make their own arrangements for alternative options in the event of load shedding.